Pentens AB-Bond
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Cementitious Waterproofing Coating

PENTENS AB-BOND is cement based waterproofing coating incorporates 2 polymer components.Apply directly to concrete and mortar to prevent water infiltration.Can use to Potable water tanks,Terraces and balconies,RC gutters,Bathroom floors and walls,Basements,Retaining walls,Seawalls.

Tensile Strength (kgf/cm2)(ASTM D412()Die C) 8.3
Elongation(%)(ASTM D412(Die C) 24.30
Tear Strength(kgf/cm)(ASTM D624) 7.20
Hardness(Shore A)(ASTM D2240) 54
100% Modulus of Elasticity(kgf/cm2)(ASTM D412)(Die C) 5.80
Shear Strength(kgf/cm2)(ASTM D1002) 4.70
Water Vapor Transmission of Material
i.WVT(g/hxm2)(23oC,50%) - ASTM E96
ii.Permearce(g/sxm2xPa) - Method B 1.98 x 10-5
Abrassive Test(g) - Taber CS-17,1000g,1000 Cycles (ASTM C501) 0.043
Puncture(kgf) 9
Compressive strength@28 days (n/mm2)(ASTM E154) >40
Pot life 30 min at 30oC and will be shortened at higher temperatures
Shelf life 6 months when unopened
Storage condition  Store in a dry cool place
Packaging Part A:1kg Part B:5kg


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